Crushed. Hurt. Broken. Torn. Falling apart. Wilted like a dying plant. These words have such

deep meaning when you are the one suffering behind pain caused by another. Or Pain caused

by circumstances completely out of your control. Or Pain that was the consequence of

something you did or didn’t’t do and you were left with regret. However the pain is generated,

we all hope healing and forgiveness soon follows.

I recall a time in my life when I believed “I’m sorry” was my middle name. It seemed like I was

always apologizing for something that I did and even things I didn’t’t’ do just to keep the peace.

Not a good feeling. It’s fine to be the mature one, looking at the big picture and at all sides of a

situation but being the one to always take on the responsibility, and owning “your stuff”, “their

stuff”, “ their mother’s stuff”, “ sister’s, cousin’s, brother’s” is not the way to go. It took me a

long time to learn that. I still apologize, but I now weigh it out and I don’t own other people’s

issues and let them off the hook just to keep the peace. I have learned to let folks keep their

“stuff” and not “love so apologetically”.