Guest blog by Jasmine McGee

Let’s face it; life in your twenties is a rollercoaster of emotions and decisions. But the rollercoaster takes a monumental turn (for better or worse) once you hit the age of 25.

At this pivotal point, life decides to punch you in the face with the grand philosophical question, “What is my purpose?” This is a loaded question that describes what many millennials are facing, yet rarely talk about­­­­—quarter-life crisis.

Coined as a “crisis,” this stage in life is when you deal with the pressures of finding yourself, finding love (or whatever works), and establishing job stability that will carry you into your thirties. It all sounds like a modern-day New York romance comedy, but the complexities of life can’t be restricted to a script. Life is too messy to be passed on from one scene to the next.

Honestly, it feels like a neverending saga. Far from a nightmare, but certainly a raging storm that is nothing short of stressful. Oh, and did I mention that I just turned 25 a few months ago? Yes, I’m still a newbie to this whole “being an adult” spiel, but I’ve been kicked into the trenches and I’ve been slowly digging my way out.

My story, which could easily become your story, is not a fairy tale of boy meets girl and we all live happily ever after diving into pools of cash. In contrast, my journey has been a wild (some may say reckless) adventure with my soulmate, whom I met in the midst of my struggles; broke and in love. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t think I’d manage to survive my twenties.

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