My Latest Book

HotFoot Sally and Firefoot Sue: Girlfriend Reflections on Life

Girlfriend reflections is a non fiction book of poetry and essays that celebrate life love and faith. It empowers, educates and informs the reader about life choices and lessons learned. A good read for men and women seeking an honest look at life, faith, family and matters of the heart.

Sweet Potato Love

Whipped and fluffy and smelling so good. Creamy and spicy and full of brown shug. The secret ingredients I never tell. But if you taste a little strong ginger, oh well. It’s the amaretto that throws everyone off. with its slick sneaky way of healing even a midwinter cough. Because my sweet potato pies are filled with so much love. They fill the whole house with heavenly scents from above. I never know how many my batter will yield. It’s a baker’s guessing game after so many potatoes were peeled. I never fancied myself as someone who enjoyed baking. But somehow these pies and I cant help making. It’s a hot love affair all of its own, a special joy I get year after year Me and my sweet potatoes, bringing me good holiday cheer.

By Darcel Dillard-Suite

Cooking Up Comfort

….It’s a special time that all women need to find, that place deep inside where you can be one with your kitchen, one with a recipe that has some meaning to you, and find comfort in the process of expressing yourself through the art of cooking. I don’t fancy myself a great baker, but I know these pies taste amazing and are such an extension of the love I not only have for the great women who taught me how to make them, but for the friends and family I have in my life.who deserve a slice of my gratitude and compassion. My little pies are simply my way of enjoying and sharing some good old-fashioned Southern comfort…

By Darcel Dillard-Suite

In the Works

Long Life  Short Stories: Essays in motion

“Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.”

Excerpt: The Big Chill

― Anamika

…For most people, fashionable coats, gloves, scarfs, boots and hats are a warm layer of love and protection from winter’s cold crisp grasp. But for me, these layers of wool and leather tend to trap my hot menopausal body in yet another unwanted furnace of heat. While I love the cute fuzzy uggs and puffy pretty down jackets, my body temperature fluctuates so much that I rarely sport any winter garment for more than 10 minutes before peeling it off. While most people are shivering from the cold, my body is at a steady 102 degrees all year round making the big chill of winter my favorite time of year.