BCW Women is Business Council Meeting

As we navigate the last quarter of this year, much has happened in our world, our communities, and our businesses. How are we coping?   And what about  staff, co-workers and  our company leaders– how are they  surviving Covid-19, 2020?  The delicate balance to still “perform at our peak” from “home offices”,  while tolerating  persistent health risks, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, grief, stress and  societal challenges– has pushed most of us  close to our breaking point,  if not right over the edge. This program will discuss  the importance of self care during these pandemic times, provide a roadmap to resiliency and “un-mask” the  REAL role mental health plays in being self-aware as we brace ourselves for the holidays and beyond

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Nov 16 2020


9:00 am - 10:00 am


Virtual Zoom Room
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